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People first!

Works Constitution Act: Staff policy (WoCo 2)

The strictly practice-oriented training “People first!” provides you with the necessary basic knowledge to be able to handle staff policy matters in the best possible way to the benefit of the staff.

“Staff policy” is the general term for an area of labour law that is often highly emotionally charged for those involved. Recruitment, transfer, grading or dismissal – these are decisions that usually have a lasting impact on the biography of the individual employee.

In all these cases, the statutory representation is required because: No dismissal and no recruitment without the works council, no transfer or grading without its participation! To avert possible harm to the employees of the company, every member of the works council must be familiar with the basic provisions of the Works Constitution Act.

In this training you will learn these basics in a compact and practical way.

The training’s content in keywords:

  • Legal provisions on staff matters
  • Recruitment, grading, transfer
  • The works council's enforcement options
  • Dismissals: The works council's participation rights
  • Extraordinary dismissal in special cases
  • Principles of manpower planning

  • Zielgruppe

    Works council members
  • Teilnahmevoraussetzungen

    Attendance of the training course “Getting started ...”
  • Freistellung

    Section 37 Article 6 Works Constitution Act
  • Bewertung

    (40 Bewertungen)
    99,5% unserer Teilnehmer*innen bewerten dieses Seminar mit „sehr gut/gut“.

General staff policy: Overview of legal norms and their significance for the workplace
Participants' experiences with staff policy
Classification of staff policy in the overall context of the Works Constitution Act (German: Betriebsverfassungsgesetz, BetrVG)
Individual staff measures in the Works Constitution Act (WCA), including:

  • Overview of the legal provisions in the WCA
  • Procedures and time limits
  • Definition of recruitment, transfer, grading (Section 99 WCA)
  • Temporary staff measures (Section 100 WCA)
  • Enforcement options for the works council (Section 101 WCA)
  • Legal consequences of the works council’s involvement under collective law for the individual employee
  • The works council’s restrictions regarding staff measures in ideological establishments and religious communities (Section 118 WCA)

Participation of the works council in case of dismissals, including:

  • Introductory presentation: Basics of employment relationships under individual employment law, ways of terminating employment and reasons for dismissal
  • Participation of the works council in case of ordinary and extraordinary dismissals as well as notices to alter the employment contract
  • Procedures and time limits
  • Legal consequences of the works council’s involvement under collective law for the individual employee
  • The works council’s right to object to dismissals (Section 102 WCA)

Examples and exercises on how to implement the works council's right to participation in staff policy
Participation rights of the works council and components of manpower planning
Staff development measures as part of manpower planning, using the example of vocational training: Overview of the legal provisions in the WCA, their operational significance and the rights of the works council

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