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Works Council Elections: So everything is right – ordinary election procedure

The works council elections are being prepared and carried out by the electoral board. In the ordinary election procedure there are numerous rules and deadlines to be observed. The success of the election depends on the exact compliance with the procedural and formal requirements. In our one-day training members of the electoral board can prepare for their duties. It focuses on the statutory provisions of the Works Constitution Act and the Electoral Code, as well as questions of practical implementation in the company.

After several years in between elections also "trained" electoral board members should brush up their knowledge of recent decisions of the labour courts and the provisions of the Works Constitution Act and the Electoral Code to avoid making mistakes.

Visit our special websites for works council elections: www.verdi-bub.de/brwahl. There you will find the latest information, hints and tips, for example election regulations and forms to download, a summary of court rulings as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Zielgruppe

    Works council members, Electoral board members
  • Freistellung

    Section 20 Article 3 Works Constitution Act
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