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Act rather than react. Works Constitution Act: Social Affairs (WoCo 3)

Our training 'Act rather than react' provides you with basic knowledge about the works council's co-determination rights. At the same time, it shows you in practical exercises how the works council can best execute and enforce its rights in the workplace.

The works council can not only react in important social matters, such as regulations on working hours, holiday schedules, occupational health and safety or company pay systems, but can also take the initiative and enforce works agreements for the employees’ benefit - if necessary, even impose them.

This training aims at enabling you to take an active part in co-determination. Great importance is attached to the participants’ intense exchange of experiences.

The content of the training course:

  • Rights of initiative of the works council
  • Co-determination rights and the limits of co-determination
  • The use of experts
  • Concluding works agreements
  • Conciliation committee: Useful knowledge about jurisdiction and procedures

  • Zielgruppe

    Works council members
  • Teilnahmevoraussetzungen

    Attendance of the training course “Getting started …”
  • Freistellung

    Section 37 Article 6 Works Constitution Act
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