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Only change is constant!

Works Constitution Act: Participation of the works council in company change processes (WoCo 4)

Often, economic issues have to do with changing conditions or even the radical restructuring of a business or company: Work processes are fundamentally changed, divisions are closed, departments are restructured or outsourced. Jobs are often at risk, and the content and conditions of work almost always change. At the same time, new skills become essential.

These changes are often gradual, hardly noticeable, but nevertheless profound and effective. Sometimes they also come in the form of a sensational action. At their core, they are always a challenge for the works council and the workforce.

In this training you will learn how to identify such processes at an early stage and thus significantly influence economic issues as works council. In addition to the knowledge of legal provisions, you will also be given the tools you need to choose the right strategy to successfully enforce elementary demands.

The training’s content in keywords:

  • What's going on? Early detection of operational changes
  • Who knows what? Works council’s right to information, employer’s obligation to inform the works council
  • Is it possible? Assessing operational changes and their consequences
  • Not without the works council! Participation in company change processes
  • Stronger together: Cooperation between employees and the works council
  • What we want: Developing and enforcing demands

  • Zielgruppe

    Works council members
  • Teilnahmevoraussetzungen

    Attendance of the training course “Getting started …”, previous attendance of WoCo basic trainings 2 and 3 recommended
  • Freistellung

    Section 37 Article 6 Works Constitution Act

Presentation of the basics of business decisions and their impact on employees
Introduction to the works council's rights to information about and participation in changes to the workplace
Enforcement of the rights to information and participation in the event of changes in the workplace in an active, planned, and targeted way – how to obtain, assess, and classify information
Legal basis for works council initiatives vis-à-vis the employer (e.g. Section 80 or Section 85 WCA)
Works council's obligation of secrecy (Section 79 WCA)
Cooperation between the workforce and the works council to identify and assess company changes
Development of an internal information and early warning system, e.g. with regard to

  • Information rights in the event of company changes according to Section 80 Article 2 WCA
  • Information and consultation rights in the planning of construction measures, technical plants, and working procedures, operations, and jobs (Section 90 WCA)
  • The works council's right of co-determination according to Section 91 WCA
  • Manpower planning and securing employment (Sections 92, 92a WCA)
  • The works council's participation in vocational training (Sections 96–98 WCA)

Role and involvement of the finance committee in company change processes (Sections 106, 109a WCA)
Alterations as a special case of company change processes (Section 111 WCA)
Legal consequences of alterations
Reconciliation of interests and social compensation plan according to Section 111 WCA and Section 17 Articles 1 and 2 Protection Against Unfair Dismissal Act (KSchG)
(Definition of reconciliation of interests and social compensation plan, main contents and differences of both, enforceability, limits of the conciliation committee’s award, rules and procedures, dealing with conflicts, implementing an agreement to reconcile interests and a social compensation plan in the company, consequences for individual employees)
Development of a company action strategy (checklist)

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